Doing this job has been a learning journey. I’ve been digging into books, attending seminars, watching online courses, asking consultants to help, and so much more. From each of these resources, I got something back: a tool that I can use at work, an idea that I can try, some insight into the way a functional position works, or a different perspective about how we can implement something. But there is one book that has completely changed the way I view, understand and practice doing business: Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.

I believe that Scaling Up is an essential manual for every CEO.

It was a blessing for me to discover the methodology and tools that the book introduces, a bit after I joined the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO). EO Greece runs an accelerator program that includes a quarterly seminar on the four key business areas that Scaling Up distinguishes (that is, People, Strategy, Execution, Cash). When I heard about it, I jumped on board. It has been an amazing ride, so far.

This year, with a wonderful group of colleagues at the local EO Accelerator Board, we are developing something quite unique. We are working on a roadmap that startup CEOs can follow to get a good grasp and understanding of Scaling Up. We have chosen 10 tools that we see as essential in doing business and we are developing good practices, templates of spreadsheets and agendas and checklists. All these things that we find as working best, for most of us.

Because we do think that there are 10 essential tools in Scaling Up that every CEO should master. No matter if they are first-time CEOs or seasoned entrepreneurs.

This year, we will be developing, testing and refining these 10 essentials within the EO Accelerator Program in Greece. We will be sharing our approach and everything that we have learned, with our peers in EO Europe and beyond.

I am thinking of writing about the process. Sharing how we are developing this package. Providing insights into the tools and their application. The parts that work and that don’t. The value that we get while we experiment. Hopefully receiving more ideas, suggestions, and questions from. To help us develop something of much more value to the fellow entrepreneurs out there.