In this company, we always aimed at having a multi-cultural and multi-national team, to embrace and understand and appreciate diversity. During the years, our team has included people from Romania, Latvia, Belgium, UK, USA and other countries. Many of us are also a little bit Polish, Canadian or Russian. Some dream of independent states within their countries – like Transylvania and Crete. But overall, regàrdless of whether we are physically located in Athens, Leuven or other parts of the world, today We Are The Greeks.

We are the Greeks that enjoy doing the dirty job and work hard until the job gets done. We work for hours, we are persistent, we focus on the nitty gritty details, and we do our best to deliver. We do not complain about work. We do not wish that someone else did it. We do not give away tasks and give orders to people that will deliver them. We are the ones that will actually do it. We will get our hands dirty, dive into the mud, and do the thing. We will not wish that things just happened on their own. We are the ones that will take the responsibility and fight to make things happen.

My duty, and mine alone. If not, I am the one to blame.

We are the Greeks that deliver with smiling pride. We know that we did our best and that our best is almost always near to excellent. And when it is not, we know that we tried hard, and we learn from our mistakes, and we get better. We are the ones that know very well our area of work. We are the ones that will not over promise if we don’t know something. We will not take over a task that we cannot deliver as we wish. We will continuously try to allocate our best people to the most appropriate tasks. And we let our work speak for itself.

We are the Greeks that enjoy collaboration. We work with people from all around the world, with different cultures and attitudes. We do our best to understand and respect needs so that we solve problems together with others. We are the ones that our clients trust again and again, that people recommend to their colleagues and friends. We are not selling products and services. We understand needs and we work with people to deliver the right solutions for them. We create and enjoy opportunities to make friends throughout collaborations. We are open and transparent and say what we believe. We do not have hidden agendas. We are what you see. And we are very confident and happy about that.

We are the Greeks that do the right thing for the people and institutions that we work with, but also for our society and planet. We want to be fairly paid for our work but we are not putting profit at the top of our priorities. Our inspiration is not monetary, our driving force is our instinct and our values. We appreciate finding financial resources to invest in making our vision and dream come true. We want to grow our business, create new jobs, train young people, and expand our offices around the world.

We are the Greeks that have ethics, inspiration and a grand vision. We have the sea and winds of this country in our soul. We have sailed to conquer the world, with a crew of beautiful people of different nationalities. We will always have Greece as one of our bases, this is where Agro-Know has started and we will always come back to our roots. We will always have Greece in our heart.

We are only a handful of the great people that you can find in this small country; people that create, that build and that achieve. We will always be proud of our origins when working with people in Europe (our home) and the world (our neighborhood). In these times of doubt, do remember: WE Are The Greeks and in our eyes you can see the sparkle of the many people in this country that are US.